July 19, 2024

What Bitcoin Reminds Us About Investing Basics


The bitcoin craze underscores four critical reminders about how most of us should approach investing.

When I had a bitcoin for every time somebody told me they were”all in for crypto,” I’d be…not as wealthy as you’d think.

“Crypto” is short for cryptocurrency. It is the mother-term for Digital currencies such as bitcoin, which became a favorite investment in 2017. Watching the bitcoin investing craze cycle up and down over the last year or so was illuminating. It underscores four critical reminders about how many people should approach investing.

1. Moving money to bitcoin is more speculation than it is “investing.”
Speculation means that there are too many uncertain factors to make sure About how an advantage will increase in value, with a chance of total loss. Alternatively, an investment, like a Vanguard index fund, has decades of performance data, tracks similarly with all the stock market and adheres to certain routines. Sure, index funds fluctuate in value, but within a 10-year period, it’s possible to make a quantified estimate of overall returns. Compare that with speculating in cryptocurrency, which can be like angel investing in somebody’s startup — you hope for significant yields, but may also get rid of everything.


2. Past growth doesn’t mean future growth.
You’ve probably heard people praise Apple stock, New York City apartments, gold, Airbnb rental properties, and …cryptocurrency. But don’t always believe the hype. Sure, a number of these investments were good at one time, or at least they made well for blessed men and women who would like to brag a lot. However, there are no permanent and complete sure things. Past performance isn’t necessarily a sign of future growth. Still, in the event that you truly want to attempt to”get in on the action,” that is understandable. Remember to make sure you consider all of the variables impacting an investment’s future performance — and please, know how much risk you can really manage take.


3. Diversity strengthens our world, and your portfolio.
Last year, Once I heard how many people were divesting of their mutual Funds and moving that money into cryptocurrency, my stomach turned to knots. I have taught thousands of girls what that they have to do in order to make sure that their money develops safely and steadily — how to factor in the market’s normal ebbs and flows. Rule No. 1: Diversify. Even some bitcoin is OK. Just do not bet your own life on just one THING.


4. Don’t blindly trust any financial expert, even professionals.
During last year’s bitcoin frenzy, my FB feed has been chock full of friends asking buddies about whether to invest in bitcoin. It astonished me how many so-called”investing experts” were providing factually erroneous information. To be clear: nobody, not even most financial advisors, can tell you with certainty whether an investment will increase or reduction in value. After that, get clarity on the principles, tune out the hype and decide that is best for you and your cash.


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